GCash’s GInvest: How to Invest in GInvest’s Mutual Funds

GCash is currently the Philippines’ top mobile wallet services provider with over 46 million registered users as of July 2021.

GCash offers a selection of financial services to its users such as mobile payment, affordable insurance via GInsure, and investment services via GInvest.

Through GInvest, GCash users can access a variety of investment funds for as low as PhP50.00.

An investment fund is a financial vehicle through which investors pool their money to invest, usually through a professional fund manager or by following an index (in the case of the Philippines, this is usually the Philippine Stock Exchange Index).

Recently, GCash partnered up with the Bank of the Philippine Islands to expand the offerings on its GInvest marketplace to include BPI Investment Management, Inc.’s (BIMI) ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund and Philippine Stock Index Fund.

(1) Open GCash.

(2) Tap “View all GCash Services”.

(3) Tap “GInvest”.

(4) If you haven’t set up your GInvest beforehand, GCash will require you to answer a questionnaire to determine your personal risk profile. Our test returned a result of “Moderate” which means we are willing to accept a moderate amount of risk for a hopefully appropriate amount of return. After answering the questionnaire, go ahead and tap “View Investment Products”.

(5) Tap the investment product you plan to invest in. In this case, we chose the Philippine Stock Index Fund. Make sure to always thoroughly research whichever fund you plan to invest in beforehand.

(6) Tap “BUY”. Again: Research is key.

(7) Read and consider the fund’s terms & conditions, risk disclosure statement, and prospectus. Make sure to check if there are any hidden fees/required holding periods. Investment funds usually charge a fee for the asset management services they provide and have a required holding period to prevent investors from liquidating their positions too soon. If everything looks fine, press “Proceed”.

(8) You will be asked to enter an authentication code to verify your identity.

(9) Enter the amount you wish to invest, then press “Next”.

(10) GCash will ask you to confirm your order.

(11) After confirming, GCash will send you a notification and text message confirming your buy order.

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